Thursday, 16 April 2015

Piracy and Amazon's policies


 Last night a friend at The Booktrap brought to our attention another site which was taking our work, and putting it free to read. After checking the site, I found among the titles on offer from my, were my award winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson, and a number of ghost stories. If you come across my work on a site called Books Online, ignore them. The ones I did leave, are not worth bothering about. 

Amazon's returns policy
 I was chatting to a lady author a few minutes ago, and like me, she is really annoyed that people are allowed to borrow our work for a week, and return it without giving a reason - Piracy is Theft - and so is this practise. If you knew how many hours a day we work - yes, work - and for what we get for our time, you'd understand our anger. Being honest, this practice is costing Amazon many thousands of dollars as more and more writers seek better conditions elsewhere. 

The Writer
 If I was to be brutally honest, Amazon's policies have made me think What the hell am I doing? I spend months writing, to earn less than the price of a coffee. Someone buys a book, reads it, and sends it back in a week. All I get is a slight high from the sudden rise in the ratings. Is it worth continuing writing?
I love writing my stories, but at the end of the line, is that all I am to you? A source of a FREE read; I knew I'd never make a lot of money writing, surely my time is worth something.

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