Tuesday, 14 April 2015

PAY Twitter?????

PAY Twitter??? I can tell you now - that is NOT going to happen on my watch - over the past week I had SIX people read this blog from Tweets; when you consider how many followers, and followers of followers myself and members of The Booktrap have between us, it is pitiful.

Al's Delights
 Last night our news letter https://paper.li/f-1426008357 gained FOUR new readers, to put that into perspective, that is as many people read the blog from Twitter this week. Am I worried about losing Twitter-No. Will I pay to be seen on Twitter-No. 
Another advantage is I won't keep massing followers, and followers of followers who are doing no more than playing silly numbers games to boost their numbers, and mean less than nothing to me. I would rather have 231 people reading our letter because they ARE interested in our work, than millions of followers who couldn't care, or don't know what we are about.

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