Monday, 6 April 2015

In my mind's eye

A better place in a nicer time
It is a lovely day, the sun is out, the birds are happily tweeting the joys of Spring after the Winter chills, and on the breeze coming through my door is fresh smell of mint. 

If I blank out the noisy next door nieghbours, my stepson, and the women's hostel blocking most of my light - no to mention an over abundance of noisy, arrogant children - I can almost imagine I'm back six years; to a time in Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada, when I was at total peace. 

 I was staying with my late friend, Faye Dupre' - who is a published poet - in a haven of nature. We would wake to the sound of birds, and sit watching squirrels dancing on the bedroom window ledge. We would take our coffee on the gazebo outside, watching as squirrels ran through the branches of the trees,and Jays and Chickadees fought for seeds on the ground. I spent hours walking the woods, never out of earshot of the house, and yet a world away.

Lac La Biche features in my Amazon 5 star rated e-book Nerja / . The town area also stars in the opening book in the Pat Canella cold case series - The Dockland Murders / . 

During series 2 of Ice Road Truckers, one of the drivers passed near our house on his way to the Yellowknife oil fields. The oil field is featured in the sequel to Nerja - Glacier of Death / . Although we were on the main road to Yellowknife, and lorries carrying drills the size of coaches passed every day, we hardly heard a noise behind the double stands of trees; and we were less than half a mile off the road. 

Along the road was the home of one, Albert Johnson - AKA The Mad Trapper. He was nothing like the romantic hero in the Charles Bronson / Lee Marvin film Manhunt. Albert Johnson rightly earned his moniker of the Mad Trapper. 

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