Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Ebook sales leap

WW2 romances

Google books
 The sale last night of this ghost romance on Google books meant I have sold more this week on Google, than on Amazon, this year.
 The story is fiction, but similar events have been recorded around former air bases in the Midlands of the UK, since the late 1960's.

Ghost stories
I prefer to think of my stories as spiritual stories; they are about lost souls trying to come to peace, and cross over, not trying to scare you. I gained a rep for spiritual stories, many years ago, but few have sold until now. 

 The new element for me is the romance element, I have nothing against romances, I have not written any before A Sailor's Love, another spiritual romance I completed last year.

 I am considering writing a further story about the spirit of the airman, this will involve a more romantic element, and some action on board the aircraft.

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