Wednesday, 29 April 2015



Modern life
 This is a short book written in layman's terms about an unrecognised, yet very real phobia. Escalaphobia is the fear of escalators, we all use them every day, and yet to some people they are a very real problem. I am one.

This was originally written as a joke. I got tired of a person I once had contact with, constantly posting about his books being No.1 in the genre. Sure, if you put them in a small genre they'll rise to the top fast. So, I did, this book spent a month in the top 100 at Amazon in the Neuroscience genre, in 2011.

Google books
 Today's other books on Google are the third in the hit US Sci-Fi series Forgestriker (Return of the Lost), and Johnny Cooper's holiday, the story of a young boy who finds he can enjoy life without modern technology. The Johnny Cooper stories also appear in books by the the children's charity group I write for.

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