Monday, 6 April 2015

Battle Royale

The next mile stone
The current leader is the title book of the series- Forgestriker with 116 sales ($83.30c)

The challenger is the opening book in the series - Sons of Baal 57 sales ($37.42c)

The battle is will Sons of Baal reach $50 before Forgestriker reaches $100 for sales at Barnes & Noble? This battle is likely to push the series sales over the 300 (currently at 251) sales marker, as well as the $200 mark - currently $172.66c. From my point of view, I would like the rest of the series to catch up. Return of the Lost is currently my thirs best selling e-book, and my Amazon best seller - Holding Richmond is coming under pressure from Terrors of D2 for the fourth spot. With the exception of Caldera Awakens the series has out sold the top three best sellers on Amazon.

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