Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Back home :)

Finances have forced me to quit the Weebly blog; although I am making good sales on Barnes and Noble, they are not enough to pay for the blog. So, I have returned here.
Since I was last on Google, a lot has happened in my life. As you can see, I am now partially disabled - the result of an accident on a rainy day. 
I still write for , and occasionally for . I can more often by found chatting to friends on . Like the Peacocks, The Booktrap members are wide spread, but unlike The Peacocks we don't publish books,as yet.

The award 
 My award for excellence can be seen if you download the PDF file from the indiePENdents link; this will also show you a list of all the books which have won the seal of approval. 

                                                          The best selling series
My best selling series is the seven book series about the spaceship Forgestriker, the series starts with the book "Sons of Baal."  This series has to date sold over 230 e-books, and the title book (Forgestriker) has sold 115 alone.
                                                            My latest release
 My latest release is the novella A Sailor's Love, which tells the story of a young girl who falls for a foreign sailor. Their love is heightened by the need for spiritual awakening at the hands of her best friend, Angie, in a violent storm at sea. 
 To give you some impression of its content, imagine a cross between The Flying Dutchman's mystery, the passion of Wuthering Heights, and the honesty of Peter Grimes.

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