Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bases loaded

When I joined Draft2Digital, one of my hopes was for a run of three 10 sale months. With tonight's sale ofForgestriker that wish is fulfilled :)
 I am now being greedy, and going for the GRAND SLAM a home run with the bases loaded.  A fourth 10 sale month would be a great achievement for me. 
 I may be able to stop worrying about my sales -- no chance -- as Harlan Coben said "Once I do that, it's time to quit,"  and I have plenty of stories to write :) 

 On another high :)
 Forgestriker has sold 30 copies, and is theOFFICIAL BEST SELLER  on both markets, despite not selling on Amazon. 

Last month I made $15 on D2D, that is almost as much as last YEAR on Amazon :)

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