Saturday, 26 April 2014

A World of links

Before we get under way, I wish to clear misconceptions formed by a recent US study. I do read female authors -- the sex of the writer bears no relationship to what I read -- and I don't only read high action stories. 

 The point is made clear in this blog. I recently started Life Class by Pat Barker, having previously read Toby's Room. The background to the fictional story is based on a real group of friends who went to Slade School of Art, one of whom was Vernon Ward who painted the picture of Mousehole. A print which holds a fascination for me. 

 One of the students at the time in question was Ben Nicholson, who a few years later moved to Cornwall and formed the St. Ives School of Art. St. Ives is not far from Mousehole, and I have a friend who lives not far from the area too.
 Ms. Barker was born in Thornaby-on-Tess, not 10 miles from where I was born. Her books tell of the struggle of men returning to life after WW1, and the beginning of modern plastic surgery. My WW1 ghost story tells of the social impact the war forced on people.

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