Sunday, 27 April 2014

A new opening

 With the success -- even for a short time -- of Forgestriker, I am considering a new Sci-Fi story called The Indie Wars. 
I haven't decided whether to try a novella -- a lot of work -- as my previous ones &  are not selling, or do a monthly part work as Forgestriker was. 

If I do the part work, at least I can gauge the popularity and get some payment for my time. 

 Here is the proposed new opening:-

 The radio receiver crackled and the light came on.

"We've made a contact,"  James said in a whisper.
 The Game Lords patrolled the streets and any contact with the outside was punishable by death. 

 We sat, listening to the news from outside of the city walls. The only real news came via our radios, all other news was either blocked or had to be cleared by The Game System. 
 A weak voice came over the airwaves, "Help! Please get as many books and samples of writing as you can carry out of the cities. The Game are taking control and there is no stopping them. "
 We heard of The Game, but thought they were a myth.  Early reports had said about young people coaxed from reading places by the advance in technology that left the mind inactive. What we took to be a phase, had now become a cult and nobody was safe. 
  The radio went silent as James tried air band after air band. Then on an unused band he picked up a shuffling sound on the air, followed by a quick message. "James, if you hear this, get Kabel and the others out of the city quickly, we can't hold The Game squads much longer."
  The sender didn't have time to log off before we heard two shots and then the silence.
  Kabel looked at James and he answered her question before she asked. "It was his band -- which only a few of know about -- his voice, and from the whispers I would say he was on the limit of our range. I am not saying he is dead, but it doesn't look good for him." 
 The sender had been Jericho Mobley, the leader on the resistance known as The Word, the news of his death would cause the resistance to collapse. All we had was a garbled message sent on a secret wave band, followed by gun shots. Could he have escaped?

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