Monday, 10 February 2014

What is the purpose?


There is a lot of talk about Hootsuite, I investigated the site and found it looked worthwhile. Here is the double-edged sword -- the same as a good cover can help sales -- I would need to invest $9 a month to use it after the trial run. Not a lot, until you realise I don't make that much in a quarter. Okay, I agree if I got more coverage I might make more but at the same time it is more to claw back before I see a dime.

G+ does the same thing on my blog for free. I am in many groups, some numbering thousands and yet a good blog read is less than 40 people.

Last night I found I could do the same thing with Klout and again for free. But, again with all the combinations of Twitter 'followers' and 'followers of followers' measuring too many to count. I fail to see the use of the system.

With so little response, it is not hard to find the reason why I may go offline at the end of next month apart from a few special friends.

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