Friday, 7 February 2014

Thoughts of an Indie author

As with most occupations there are ups, downs and in between portions, these are a few of my thoughts on the subject of being an Indie Author. Please remember they are my thoughts and are in no way indicative of all Indie Authors.

I am able to write what I want and don't feel forced to write what the market dictates, which is good as I am unable to write about cheap sex or zombies to any length.

I can write when I wish as I have no publication deadlines beyond ones I set myself, on that subject I am behind on my latest story.

I can choose covers which I feel are fitting to my work, rather than being forced to accept covers from designers who have neither read my work or know what I am looking for.

I can choose the price the book sells at, this is good because I have read stories from friends in the USA. Who say their publishers have charged too much and killed any chance of sale.

 Without a distribution network gained from having an agent, I have to do my own promotions -- not that I object too much, I was good at doing once -- but it takes time off from writing and there is no guarantee of a sale.

Being disabled I cannot afford even the smallest amount for promotions, so, rely heavily on the internet sites I use. 

Having little money I cannot afford even the lowest prices for good cover work which may -- or may not -- increase the chance of sales. A good cover starts at around $75 and when you only make $5 a month that is a lot of outlay to recover before seeing money back.

With not having a vast range of contacts I don't have a lot of chance of work being seen and selling.

In the middle:-
 Having no agent can be a drawback but as I have witnessed, they don't know all the right areas to promote and I can pick a few off beat ideas.

As I don't pay out a lot -- any money I get is a bonus -- no matter how small the amount and I don't need to repay debts accrued. 

As I tend to work long and late hours, this practice has lead to me becoming a worse insomniac than I was and many nights I work through to the early morning.

 It's hard work being an Indie and doing all your own promotional duties but you don't feel obliged to anyone other than yourself and a few friends. Best of all for me, I have reached the point where sales are not my focus, the writing has resumed its importance and I enjoy writing for the first time in years.

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