Thursday, 6 February 2014

The ravishing Lana Pawcel

Lana is an enigma which goes back beyond her role as P A Canella's friend in the "Chronicles" series. Like her friend she came to life in an unread early comedy set of stories I wrote. 

She had made an impression even before then, as she become a new persona as a result of a challenge set by my friend Yezall. Yezall challenged me to write an erotica story and the result was "Sex at the Mill."

Lana also holds an unusual occurrence. She is the only character in Chronicles who was written with no person in mind, it was only after I wrote her stories I made the decision who she should look like.

For a vivacious painter of recently passed souls, who better than the lovely Rula Lenska

 Lana's role is an entity painter, she can empathise with the spirit of the recently deceased and tell their story in both words and paint.

 Among the other ladies I considered is another favourite of mine, the ever delightful Hannah Gordon. Lana and her other friends can be found at

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