Monday, 10 February 2014


In my folly, when I designed this blog I put the Shelfari bookcase on in the hope it may entice a few sales. I had as much success as an ice cube crossing Nevada. Over 7,000 reads last month and I only just got 10 sales and that was with the help of

We return to the old faithful, if you don't put out you won't receive. Well, I have been busting a gut for the last two years with first the two 'Chronicles' books which never sold and now 'A Sailor's love' -- whose fate still hangs in the balance -- can I take another failure?

So, as far I can see coverage on the shelf doesn't mean a hill of plugged nickels to me. I am a good story teller but nobody wanted to pay even a few nickels. All you want is a free read. I used to do those but in the end I got fed up of giving and not seeing a nickel back for an hours work. 

Well, in a few weeks time, I will probably be hitching my wagon and moving on -- I plan on going off line -- I always said "Ain't no point staying where you ain't wanted." Besides, there are plenty of rich writers out there willing to feed your desire for a free read. 

If anyone does wish to check up and see if I am still writing and wants some new work, I will be on my email address - 

I would have liked to say I enjoyed the last three years but I can't abide liars, which is another reason for closing down. I got tired of people saying "You write the stories and I'll buy them," my attitude now is-I''ll believe it if I see the money."

Some people reckon I might have been on the cusp of a break through this year with the advances in my writing. Others tell me I have a big following in the USA. All I say is "Show me the proof!" I haven't sold anything written last year and the majority of the sales are for Holding Richmond.

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