Tuesday, 11 February 2014

More is less

With the ironic news I have been added to another G+ circle. I realise the total puerility of this inanely infantile system. 

I am in various circles, some with thousands of people in and yet my best blog reads are under 30. The more I get added to, the weaker the systems uses are. 

And to prove my point, about three months ago I told you NOT TO ADD me and yet in this time, I find myself added to these childish conglomerates at a faster rate.

Not a single group in any circle has proved useful, Twitter is just as puerilely inanely useless. I lose count of how many followers of followers I have amassed and yet the blog gets no reads from there and sales of books are zero. 

You wonder why I am cutting myself off?

Ask this question

What use is a system with so many contacts but so little value?

I am sure you will be glad to see the back of me.
My work is available on Draft2Digital but wait, you know that and don't care.

Don't expect me to care what you think.
I have spent more time doing this blog to uncaring readers, than I have writing and to what end?


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