Sunday, 9 February 2014

Invisible books

There are various categories for invisible books, from stories I have decided not to write through lack of interest on my part, ones I don't think will have any chance of sales and ones I had started to write but changed my mind owing to market prospects.

I shall take the sections one at a time:- 
Lack of interest on my part.
 The main story in this section was V.A.M.P. The story of a northern rock group touring and changing personnel as it evolved into schlock horror and a vampire lovers. Imagine Quo joining with Alice Cooper and turning out like Kiss and you have some idea of what I planned.

Ones I don't think will do well.
This category is heavily populated with my Sci-Fi zone stories like "The Indie Wars," "The Word," and others of the ilk. "Forgestriker" was saved by interest in the series at B&N.

The final section:-
 Stories started that will not see light of day.
 Here we have the ubiquitous "Chronicles" book 3 "The Return of Mark Johnson" leading the charge. Why trash this story, you ask? Book 1 has only sold two copies in the years since the award in 2012. Book 2 has not (!) sold, so, why write the book 3? Probably the only people to see this evolve into reality will be my editor, Julia, and a close friend. They are the only people who showed an interest in the story.  

 Other stories in this section include the Pat Canella series, my follow up to the popular -- free read if not sales -- "Sexual Explosions," "Corridor of Desires," and the follow up to my Amazon best seller "Holding Richmond."

I haven't decided on what may or may not happen to the Jimmy Pookly stories about Elfenmere, I will probably write them for my friend, again she is the only person who is interested n reading my work.

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