Saturday, 8 February 2014


A little known aspect of my work, a few years ago I was asked by various friends to co-write books with them. None of the ideas gelled for various reasons. 

The first to ask was my friend Jamie Moody, she had a disabled friend who had no feeling below her waist as a result of an accident. We had planned to write a romance and use Jamie's name on the cover, sadly the friend's health took a turn for the worse and she suffered memory loss to the extent she didn't recognise Jamie. Jamie planned to go ahead and the write the story. I never found out if she did as I was forced to leave the site Bookrix after continuous on line bully tactics from certain members.

A few months later, two friends put the idea forward again and being close at the time, it seemed natural to join forces. However, they came first and second in a Facebook contest and I was forced down to fourth. They got offered work and have moved ahead, while I am forced to beg for nickels and dimes with no hope of success. I guess success does change people, thankfully my short lived success didn't change me, as it had no major sales effect.

The irony here is that they know I am as good, if not better than them but through no fault of mine -- other than fair play -- I got pushed into oblivion by a vindictive lady.

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