Friday, 7 February 2014

Carol, friend and editor

 It is with a deep sadness that I have to report the passing of my friend Carol Wills, who left to join the angels on February 2nd, 2014.  

Some people come into your lives and make a big impression by staying into touch for a long while, and others by being there for you when you need support. Carol Wills became a friend after she and some others stood by my side during a time of hostility towards me on the site Bookrix. The matter arose after some stupid teen wanted attention by saying she had cancer -- as some of have witnessed the horror -- we know it's not a joke and brought the girl to task for her stupidity. From this point, I became the target of hate on the site but through all this Carol and the others stood with me, until the constant hate from a certain group forced me to leave the site. 

Unlike many of my fellow Peacock Writers, I only knew Carol for a short time and after leaving Bookrix our paths rarely crossed but even towards the end she remained upbeat and cheerful.

 We entered some writing contests on the site and I will always remember Carol's entry in the travel contest, she wrote about a group of friends stuck on the Welsh mountains and one suffering from vertigo -- I sympathise -- I too suffer.

 Although I am known for ghost stories, I have all Carol's Titus hardbacks and her "Five Minute Fiction" is on my Kindle. I loved the adventures of the little Blue Tit and his friends, her work will live on as I bought copies for my grandson. 

Best known for her short stories and children's work for our charity group "The Peacock Writers," she was writing her own novel I believe and I am sure this would have been a much a success as her Titus stories are.

 She became my editor for a while, after reading one of my stories which had been left unedited by another person from Bookrix, who said she would help but never did. The book she edited was my award winner "Chronicles of Mark Johnson."It was Carol who showed me how to link the fragmented story into a readable whole.

Carol told me she enjoyed my story "To Elfenmere" a lot and I wish I could have written the full story for her but time wouldn't permit that to happen.

One of the saddest things about her passing is we won't get any more Titus stories but I intend to buy some of the books and donate them to our library, so children can enjoy the work of this lovely lady, who to many of us was a good friend.

Although we didn't have much contact, I will miss her kindness and humour.
As a final word, I had noticed on my blog that over the last week posts connected to Carol and her books had risen in the readings.

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