Saturday, 8 February 2014


The general idea of an anthology piece is a short story put in a collection in the hope it will draw attention to your other works. It may have worked for other writers but not for this one. 
As many of you know I am a proud member of the children's charity group called 'The Peacock Writers,'and over the last year and a half I contributed stories to our books. Lesser known -- because I don't publicise the book -- is the fact for a short while over the the Christmas/New Year period going into 2013 I also contributed to the 'Indies In Action' book Angels Cried in aid of the Sandy Hook massacre, until we had cultural differences.

For the same reason, lesser known still is that I have two stories in a US anthology called 'A Short Story Anthology' which was edited for Indie Book Lounge by Alan Schrieber. Although I agreed for him to use the stories, it took over a year for me to locate a link to the book. I had a look at his Amazon ratings and his books get panned at every turn of the page. If you read this blog, you'll know I love the ironic touch and there is a lovely piece here. AS said he liked my story "The Rocking Lantern"  very much, and yet my second ghost story as never sold. What does that tell you?

 As I said at the start, being in anthologies has done me no good -- how do I know? -- I have seen no rise in the sales of my work over the years on Amazon. But, this is my tale and I know some writers who have prospered from having work in them.

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