Saturday, 8 February 2014

Annette Palmer - Spirit Painter

Annette Palmer, one time lover of Mark Johnson and now his nemesis, his raison d' 'e'tre. His reason for existing, the person he thought of a possible soul mate turns out to be far worse. 

She destroyed his soul but beyond soul lies revenge, how far would he go to destroy her? Would he survive the ordeal? What would remain of his soul if he did survive? 
All was to be revealed in book 3.

 As the headline read "What she did to him was bad, what he did to her was far worse."  

The final major player in Chronicles of Mark Johnson.


 The lady I had in mind for the role of the former lover of Mark was always Julie T Wallace, with a dash of Kathy Bates for her role in Misery. 

 The role of Annette as a spirit painter is different to Lana's as an essence painter, as Annette can see and paint evil spirits from all eras and spatial dimensions. 

 The character was to have a reference to the often mentioned but never read series of stories which also featured the early appearances of Lana Pawcel and her friend P A Canella but I dropped the idea, the plot was getting too convoluted. 

At the end of Book 1, Mark and Annette are terrorised at Wharfemere Abbey and profess their love for each other, so, what went wrong? During book 2, he turned on her but why? 
 You'll have to read the books to understand the plot.

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