Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Amazon are a poor third

I realise the balloon has slowed down at Draft2Digital for the time being but they are still well ahead in my books and here are the reason.

I have been on Amazon for almost three years and have only made about $20, I have been on Kobo for about 18 months and made about $5 and I have only been on D2D for a week and I have made $3.40 from sales.

I may have sold far more on Amazon but I have been on the site longer and on average I am lucky to make $0.50c a month, not having a name and writing short stories I am forced to keep prices down to cut throat levels and only make $0.30 a copy. To reach the level of income from D2D on Amazon, I would need to sell more than three times the books I am at the moment.

Last month on Amazon I sold 6 e-books, this week on D2D I have sold 5 e-books and I expect more to come as the next episode of "Forgestriker" hits the shelves.

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