Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Writing colleague

This comment is from Judith Colella -- who I came across at Bookrix -- what makes it better to read is Judith is an accomplished writer in her own way.

I know Alan through a popular author's website, and have thoroughly enjoyed both his wonderful stories and his friendship. All too often, today's writer is wrapped up in efforts to promote his or her own work with very little time to offer help, suggestions and constructive commentary to a fellow-writer. Alan is not one of those. He is, in fact, a kind-hearted individual who is quick to share an insight here, a recommendation there, and always with the best-interests in mind of the one to whom he is offering his thoughts.

As for Alan's own work, his writing is infused with his unique brand of humor, a great deal of insight, and a natural talent for conveying wisdom through the amazing tales he has penned (if one can use that term in today's age of electronic communication). I honestly can't think of a single on of his stories that I didn't like. They are all extremely well-conceived, cleverly and skillfully written, and worthy of attention. I have no doubt that he can lend all of these considerable abilities to non-fiction a well as fiction, and would be an asset to anyone making use of his professional and natural talents in the writing field, regardless of genre.

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