Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Who is P A Canella?

A lot has been said -- mainly from the middle of book 2 -- about Mark's connection to his mentor but who is P A Canella? And where did he come from? 

The P A Canella you read about in Chronicles isn't my original concept of him, far from it, the original ideas for both P A Canella and Lana Pawcel go back further than Chronicles. 

P A Canella started out as an early series of shorts, the general idea was of a well read writer keeping his anonymity by using tricks on his friends. The friends loved the books he wrote but never realised it was a close friend who had wrote them, until he told the truth about the story teller.

Towards the end of the series I introduced another of my noted twists, as it turned out that his stories were ghost written by Lana Pawcel and vice versa.

 Time moved on and the concept changed. When I started Chronicles I had no idea how popular or how much I would write -- over 30 stories so far -- and had no intention of where it was going or what was ahead. My original hope was for about half a dozen short stories. 

But, to my surprise the popularity kept growing among my friends, and not disappoint them I was happy to keep writing the stories. I used the original idea of P A to create the character you know in Chronicles, most of the characters in my stories are based on TV characters and P A is no exception, he is based on Roy Dortrice's role in A. P. Herbert's short stories "The Misleading cases of Albert Haddock." Albert always started the story in court on some charge, and throughout the story he would turn the law inside out using out dated but still in use bye-laws and walk out cleared.

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