Thursday, 9 January 2014

The book dream

A long time ago, a schoolboy dreamt of writing a book and seeing the book on the shelf in a book store. In those bye-gone halcyon days of my youth the only way of achieving the goal was through the word of traditional publisher, agents and scouts. In the ages that have come and gone and the word has evolved to the world of Indie and Self Published writers, even big names such as Broadway writer David Mamet and well known and respected author Anne Rice are turning to self publishing as they see how much the middle men make against how little we get for our work.  Gone are the days when SP meant cheap porn stories -- however, and this is a huge drawback -- a recent Apple study of e-book sales showed four of the top 20 book sold were by Indie writers and sadly three had covers with semi-clad covers and two were by one authoress. Julia, my editor, doesn't agree with me on this point, but I feel unless SP can shed the image of cheap porn, no matter who joins the ranks this is how the world will view SP.
   The boy's dream dissipated as life's demands grew until 2011, when I had an accident and became disabled and from that point I had the time to try and forge a new dream in a new era, dominated by the growth of e-books and Self Publishing. True, the dream had been to get a Traditional Publisher to publish my book -- at the time I thought this route would validate my book -- but with the growth of SP material validation is not required any more, only good writing and editing.

 Later this year, I hope to bring out out my new book "A Sailor's Love," both in e-book and print via CreateSpace on Amazon and even if I never get published by a house, I can hopefully see my dream come true to some extent.

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