Saturday, 18 January 2014

The alluring Rachel

Rachel Stockman, the third member of the psychic research project at the University which included Mark Johnson and P A Canella. She is an enchanting and mystifying lady as nobody knows the true link between her and Mark -- not even P A -- and as Mark said to Phil, "You probably never will find out."

At Uni there was a strong rumour, which was never confirmed or denied by Rachel & Mark, that they were more than close friends and fellow researchers. There always appeared to be a strong psychic link as was shown at the end of Book 1, when she rescued him and Annette Palmer at the abbey.
 From the outset of book 1 in the Chronicles of Mark Johnson series I had a definite idea of the lady I saw as Rachel. The lady is British actress Millicent Martin and I saw her part as Gladys Moon, in the short lived series "Moon and Son" as the role for Rachel. In the the series Gladys is a slightly eccentric fortune teller working on a pier at the beach.

Unlike some of her fellow performers fro, the 1970's Ms. Martin has kept her charming beauty.

The truth behind the relationship was going to be revealed in Book 3 in the series, but sadly I will have to leave the final decision as to whether you think they were more than close friends to you -- I know the answer -- and so would you if the other books had sold.

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