Saturday, 25 January 2014

Stranger than fiction

Stranger than fiction

When I started to write Chronicles I had a great worry. I was worried the series would be so popular that the fans would ask questions about the characters and setting to which I had no answers. 

As you will read later most of the characters are based on fictional TV characters but Mark and P A share a lot of my personality traits. And the enigmatic Lana Pawcel has a secret yet to be told.

Wrong time and place

  Do you ever get the feeling you're living out of synch with reality, I do. Since I started writing my ghost stories I have had the feeling I should have lived a hundred or so years ago, when the age of the Gothic horror story was in its prime.

   I have often been asked by friends "If you could live in another time, what would your choice be?"  The decision was always the same, in the time of the Lakeland poets Keats, Wordsworth et al; days when writing meant something other than being able to copy any story which did well, days when people took pride in writing a good story with characters who grew the pages and made you root for them.

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