Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sex and the Zombie

 While there at first glance appears to be no link between the stories, both served their purpose well as you will read in this post.

 Sexual Explsions 1 was written as the acceptance of a challenge by my friend Yezall, she had read some of my earlier stories and asked jokingly "Had I thought of writing an erotica story?" At the time I hadn't, however, I had created a female writer persona in an early series of short stories and thus Lana Pawcel became known as as erotica writer -- despite a lack of sales, the story was well received on line -- so, that was one consolation.

I was going to write a follow up story about my two lovers, but if nobody is interested in book, what is the point of book 2? Another good story binned.

 Zombiewatch was written as a personal challenge, I had previously attempted a zombie story and not got off page 1, so, this was a challenge to see if I could finish the story and it was also a challenge to try to prove to myself that anything with the "Z" would sell. In the first count I succeeded and enjoyed writing the story of the young female reporter Carol Caitlin and her desire to bring zombie news to the crowds. Sadly, the second part failed and proved yet again, I cannot write a selling book.

There was a plan to write a follow up story for Carol, but as the first book sank without a trace, I canned that idea too.

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