Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sartre' or Kolchak?

 Reading a  post on indiePENdents.org's FB page got me thinking -- not unusual as writers have active minds-- as to what I would do in a given situation.

The topic in question is the Man Booker prize, the writer stated that most writers have heard of the prize, and dream of winning it. True, in the first part, as writers it is hard to notice posts about contests and wonder, what if? But, incorrect in the second part as I have never considered entering, let alone being placed in such a prestigious contest.

 I recall my shock when Julia told me I had won the seal of excellence at indiePENdents.org . I didn't believe it, not even when the certificate arrived in the post a few day later -- me winning awards -- a most unlikely scenario.
I write in the hope someone will enjoy my work, my reward is a happy reader and a small fee for my time, I never think about winning prizes, to me prizes are for well known names and authors selling books not for someone who wrote a good story in e-book.

  In October 1964 Jean Paul Sartre' refused to accept the Nobel Prize for Literature and went into hiding, although not an existentialist by nature, I would probably do the same as being read is my reward and a prize is nothing more than a symbol telling people that you are here.

 I would most likely go into hiding because I am retiring by nature and don't wish more than to be read, as did my character P A Canella, when I first wrote his story, before Chronicles of Mark Johnson.

With my style of writing I am more likely to be a contender for the Carl Kolchak Award for the most outrageous and unbelievable story which is unwritten.

The seal and certificate were not the only awards I received for writing that year. I got 3rd most commented on award in a FB contest -- I never mention it -- because the award is a reminder of what could have been had I not been robbed of 3rd prize overall in the contest. And what does 3rd most commented on story really mean?

 My prize would be to get into the top 100 writers of ghost stories on Amazon and stay there for three months, so my books have a chance of selling, that is the same reason I entered the Merrill Collection contest in Toronto. With so many published writers from all over entering, my best hope is to get a judge to like my story.

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