Friday, 31 January 2014

Retail suicide?

It is well known that B&N and Amazon have been at loggerheads for years -- this was one reason I chose not to use B&N until recently -- but my friends at D2D tell me they are de-listing and block the books sent by D2D now.

Amazon's problems arise from the fact the retail giant is just that, a retail giant and many authors are turning away to join smaller and more personal sites like D2D. If you contact Amazon -- Lord forbid -- you get put through to some Indian/Pakistani who not only has no understanding of English but none of the writing culture. 

It has taken them over a month to get my new book on the UK site, yet it was on the US site within a day and from what I read from my friend Lisa -- in Canada -- she has had the same problem too. Last year several of my friends and myself wrote emails to them asking why they could not post reviews on both sites at the same time? We all have friends all over the place and can send an email to several destinations at once, so, what is their problem? The problem is Amazon ignore the UK, they are great at spreading into the Americas and Europe but ignore their UK market.

If this keeps up I will not put anything on there again, you may think this folly but in three years I have made less than $0.50c a month, what do I lose? Unless you're a name like Stephen King, you stand little chance at Amazon. Amazon is a huge market and books are a small section and your books are a tiny part of a small section and that is why more writers are moving to book selling sites and doing better. 

As I said "If you go to a market for eggs, do you expect to buy oranges?" That is how I see Amazon. 

 Coverage-I may lose Amazon by staying with D2D but I gain B&N and Apple Ibook, appears a good deal to me.

 For people such as me, wielding a big hammer has no effect as my sales are less than minimal and I had a run-in only a month or two ago, they threatened to take my books down. I was so worried, I wet myself laughing-well almost.

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