Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pen names.

Last month I decided not to use my pen names any more. I wasn't hiding behind a false name -- on the contrary -- many people have asked me and been told, I am the same person as the pen name.

Why did I stop using them?
It is easier to log all the stories under one name than try to convince Amazon that Lana, P A Canella and Al Place are Alan Place.

Why did I use them?
I thought a certain type of name suited a type of story.
Lana Pawcel sounds a flamboyant lady, the sort who would write racy, sexy stories like 'Sexual Explosions.' The choice of her name defeated the purpose of the project in reality, as I wanted to see if a man writing under his own name could be accepted in the female dominated erotica world, without having to resort to cheap porn.

 Al Place sounds like a tough nut with a softer centre; a hard bitten cop with a mysterious and possibly murky past and as such this persona suited the noire style of writing used in Pat Canella.
P A Canella gives a more studious sounding tone and I used him for the Sci-Fi stories such as'Chronicles of Mark Johnson' and 'Forgestriker.'

Alan Place was the name I used for general writing in which a tone for the genre was not a consideration and ghost stories -- for which I have a reputation -- usually sell regardless of the sex or style of name of the author.

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