Wednesday, 8 January 2014

No, means not as long as I can write!

 About three or four years ago-- in my innocence -- I contacted Xlibris with regard to publishing a book. At the time I had never heard of them, but now I know who they are and what shoddy work they put out. There is no(!) way I would let them near my work, despite their recurring phone calls -- after three years and even some not polite remarks about what I felt of their work -- they still try to con me.

 Even without the great hep from Julia, my editor, back then I was far ahead of their ideas on editing a book; one person I had contact with, showed me a copy of their work on his book -- he was pleased as punch -- but all I saw was a mass of errors which you castigate a 5th Gader for and this man has a BA.

 He asked me to re-edit the book, after one page I had to do some much work I was virtually re-writing the story as I went and ended up with a serious migraine. Xlibris are known for their shoddy work as they have committed every editing and publishing mistake you can think of.

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