Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nina's courses

As some of my former acquaintances have said on line, for a while I was good at help promoting their books. I didn't object as a little help is always needed and I had a knack of doing something which a lot of people found tedious. At one stage I made quite a niche' for pushing books and I even got asked by people I had no previous contact with. 

Last year, Julia, my editor kindly enrolled me in AutoCrit and I cannot praise the software too highly, Nina -- who runs it -- has built a great editing tool which not only tells you if you overuse words but it can show you slow paced segments and over long sentences. AC has changed how I write a lot, I still make errors but not nearly as many.
I am not saying I enjoy the editing -- especially as I am behind on my new story -- but it needs to be done and without this tool, I would have no chance of even small scale sales. 
Julia was right to reject my book, at the time I sent it to her it was far from ready. Desperation drove me to send it ahead of completion but I am not worried about the anniversary and I have made many alterations, some parts are gone, others altered and even a few added. The main change was the beginning as I had to turn a couple of ideas around to fit the end -- my original idea was going to be a larger ending -- but I thought the longer ending might get tedious. 

Julia also enrolled me on a writing course called "EditMyNovel," which was another of Nina's tools. From the outset, I was dubious as to whether I could do well, the course had people with degress and writers with sales records and here I was with nothing. But, being near the bottom of the pile I had much to learn and by lesson 5 of the 16 in the course, I had moved from bottom to mid-section and was still rising. By section 9 -- dialogue -- I was in the top of the group as the others struggled to come to terms with character interaction which is my forte'. Most of my stories are dialogue-driven and taught action thrillers, so, here I was in my element.

I cannot thank the ladies too much for their help and advise you to enrol with Nina.

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