Saturday, 11 January 2014

Jericho Mobley - man or myth?

  In the beginning books were available for all to read in the halls of learning, but then came the Games and Game Lords.

 These Game Lords fought for control of the minds of the young -- tempting them away from books with new games -- but against them was a group called 'The Word' and a man called Jericho Mobley.

The question is did Mobley exist?
He hadn't been since he rode his motorcycle out to the Fire Point transmitter, after that he didn't return to the city and nobody has heard from him.

 Once he was one of the top engineers in the city, able to rig any receiver to any wave length and adjust the frequency modulation to change so quick it was hard to track -- ideal if you were a renegade group -- not so, if you were trying to break their hold.

 Mobley had the ability and soon he became the most wanted person on the Game Lords list. In order to break the hold of 'The Word' and its growing support, what better than to announce the capture and death of a man they admired and saw a hero. But, as many stories of his death as the Game Lords spread, 'The Word' received news of sightings and yet nobody could say definitely if he was dead or alive -- he was out there so long -- nobody recalled his face.

 A rebellion needs a leader and that man is Jericho Mobley read the story of The Indie Wars soon.

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