Monday, 6 January 2014

Is there any point?

 I started the year with the hopes of a new outlook, but already the dreaded pattern is forming in the dark corridor which leads to nowhere but me saying "WHAT THE HELL!"

The long dark struggle to sell an e-book looms ahead and I keep thinking "Would anybody give a rat's arse if I didn't do another?"   And again, the same answer echoes in my mind "I am wasting my time trying to convince anybody to buy a book of mine," and how do I know this? Books I do not publish rise in the ratings, while mine sink to a new low each day and it's heart wrenching to think my new book is doomed to the same fate after a ten month writing project.

This new book is touted to win an award at -- not that winning helped Chronicles of Mark Johnson -- and another story is expected to do well in an on going Sci-Fi contest in Toronto.

 The original intent for the blog was to try and promote sales of books, but with less than 200 readers a day, I guess that idea sucks. In the past I helped others raise vast sales, but nobody gave me any help and now here I stand not making a dime a month, while they thrive off my promotional work.

 Being honest, the only reason for the blog's existence is to promote the charity work for Peacock Writers and my friend's FB page

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