Thursday, 2 January 2014

In my recent post

In my recent post I commented on the various styles of writers friends and colleagues have likened my work to, from Poe and Collins to M R James and H P Lovecraft and while it as honour to be seen in their styles as I like the Gothic horror stories; nobody asked me who do I think my style is like?

 Today, I can reveal my answer to you:-
 One of my favourite tec's is Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe and while Mr. Wolfe and I do share one similarity -- our passion for flowers, in my case it is Fuchsias -- the similarity ends there as I'm not a beer drinker and lack his intuitive style of investigation.

Nero's side-kick is a young street wise man called Archie and as much as I would like to think I had the style and panache' to pull of his work, I am not in his class.
 The other main investigator used by Nero Wolfe is one Saul Panzer, Saul is perhaps the closest to how I view myself, but still a good distance off as I lack his ability to blend in and his connections.

The one thing you will agree with me on is all these are smartly dressed and presentable men, and that is the big difference for me. I see myself as an investigator from the other side of dressing table -- not one dressed to instil charm -- but dressed to suit his needs. Who do I see myself as? Karl Kolchak of IPN in Chicago.

 The shabby news-hound who started in Las Vegas, before moving to Seattle after a row with a paper and ended up working for his old boss in Chicago. I see myself as the news-hound type working on a story in an office full of ideas and people buzzing in and put, then shooting off on another mystery.
 Kolchak was the persona I had in mind for Phil Moore in the Chronicles of Mark Johnson series and later brought to life as Carol Caitlin in Zombiewatch, when I took a new perspective on my only venture in the genre. I wrote Zombiewatch as a news reporters would have brought the news to TV and gave it individuality rather than a mass of mindless zombies rampaging through towns and eating people.
 One more thing shared by Mark, Carol and Karl is the need to survive to tell the story and in doing so, they need to destroy vital evidence which would validate their stories. 

To end with a quote from Karl

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