Monday, 27 January 2014

Hopes for the first quarter.

Here are a few things of the things I hope to achieve this quarter:-

To beat the previous quarter high for sales (12) - possible, as the month started off with 3 sales.

To have a month with 10 sales - possible but not likely as twice I had 7 sale months, only to fall short and this included a 7 sale weekend for my best seller "Holding Richmond." 

I would like to get another award from, this is dependent on getting the edits and tweaks completed for "A Sailor's Love" completed - there are reasonable hopes of  the edits being done.

It would be very nice to get a top six placing in the Merrill contest which ends next month but as I am competing against writers who have sales records this is a remote chance. I see this more as a Butch Cassidy moment; we all remember the ending when they charge from the stables.

Larger goals for the year include the remote hope of an e-book replacing "Holding Richmond" as my best seller - most unlikely as HR has out sold everything by 2:1 and the nearest book is "Nerja" which trails HR by 11 sales.

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