Sunday, 19 January 2014

High risers

In among my books on Amazon is an oddity, the book made the top 100 in Neuroscience last year. Before you all go WOW, let me explain the circumstances of its origins.

Escalaphobia was written purely as a joke to prove to one person that if you choose a tiny group on Amazon, your book will soon rise to the top -- as did this persons -- he always chooses the smallest groups to make a bigger splash.

My book depicts my fear of escalators which started when I found out I had an eye to brain malfunction and could not make the edges of the steps clearly.

 I have no medical qualifications and certainly no neuroscience knowledge, the book is written from the view of a suffer of the phobia, it only sold one copy but it made the top 100 in the section and thus proved my point, if you aim for a tiny group you can make a big splash.

But, is the big splash in a tiny group worth anything?

My view is that it is better to do something less dramatic in a larger group, for example, recently I was back in the top 100 short story writers on Amazon UK for ghost stories and had previously been as high as 18 in the Ghost anthology section of Amazon US.

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