Thursday, 2 January 2014

Forgestriker to resume

What started out as a reconnaisance mission soon became a running battle the men of the 7th Baalite Gurad were doomed to loose, read the start of their story in "Sons of Baal, "

 Lost and alone on a distant battle fighting against unbeatable odds they had little chance, read about their escape and the first part of their return to Baal -- to regain the honour of fallen heroes-- and let the world hear the real story not the official one.

 In "Forgestriker"   you can read of the loneliness men desperate to return -- yet fearing their damaged ship will not be able to make the journey -- unntil from the depths of dead space they receive a message from station D2 AKA "The Dead Station."
In dead space nobody can hear you scream and if they could, they wouldn't rescue you. There was a reason the area is called dead space and that is because it is out of regular radio contact with Baal. D2 was to have been the first of a new set of linked stations designed to expand communications for knowledge of this area of space. A science project -- which went wrong -- something happened at D2 and nobody knows, or if they do they've been silenced.

 The official line was the scientists got spooked by strange noises outside the station and fled, in that case why has nobody received a distress call from their ship. Nobody has been to D2 for many years and nobody wanted to go there to find the truth, until now... Forgestriker, badly damaged and with no steering is heading there, what nobody can tell the men is why did a station which has been dead for over twenty years suddenly come to life?

Near death and out of supplies, Forgestriker has no choice but to heed the welcome call, but who sent it? And for what reason? Soon enough the men discover they are not alone and "The Dead Station" is anything but dead, as the men board the station all is not well and why have all the data bases been destroyed? More to the point who do they sense is watching their every move?

 "Return of the Lost" sees the men fighting another enemy, this time the enemy knows the territory and is leading the men on a chase around the station, a station where section have been torn away and a wrong turn can leave you not only out of radio contact but cut off from your group.

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