Sunday, 26 January 2014

Facebook and me

Two years ago, somebody I used to know threatened to report me to FB and get my account deleted -- at that time I pleaded for forgiveness -- right now if they said the same thing I would say "Go ahead, you'll be doing me a big favour." FB's latest glitch to affect me is to not connect with Twitter and send your Tweets to your profile page and looking at the help pages didn't help as this practice has been going on for at least four months from the number of letters on the page. When you try to use their hints, all you end up with is going around in circles, some people are so annoyed they have deleted their accounts. If I get any more FB issues, I may join them.


  1. Why not add Buffer or Hootsuite to your browser. Tweet through them to both your Twitter and FB accounts at the same time or set them to deliver the same message at different times to both places. I have both and love them.

    1. I did consider Hootsuite a while ago, for now I resolved the problem :) It was my baddy, I thought if you set a tweet it would go to FB, when it is the other way and if you put something on your profile it becomes a tweet.