Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Explaining Chronicles part 2

The only characters based on actual people are Mark Johnson and his mentor P A Canella, both have a large portion of me in their character. Beyond that no character I write about is based on any person living -- the exception being John Andrew -- who was a real Yorkshire pirate and featured in my story "The Lost Ship."

Many of the characters are based on fictional TV shows. The exception being Lana Pawcel, who had no image in my mind at the time I started writing stories involving her, it was only later that I considered who I thought she would be like. 

Mark is like myself in as much as we despise the falseness of the celebrity scene. He is based on the Whitby photographer Frank Sutcliffe as much as on myself; Mr. Sutcliffe made a living at the turn of the century photographing the people of Whitby as they lived their lives. 

P A Canella epitomises my wish to have my work read and yet remain an unseen person -- fame is not the spur -- in the original story about him, P A kept his secret even from his closest friends. If there was to be a model for P A Canella, it would be Roy Dortice playing Albert Haddock in A.P. Herbert's "Misleading cases."

Rachel is to Mark a true friend, the type of person you can count on in a tight spot and her feelings for him are never known until book 3. Rachel is based on the character Gladys Moon from the TV show "Moon and son."
Mark's other close friend is Phil, who is based on Carl Kolchak the news reporter of the TV show which bears his name and like Rachel will stand by Mark through all his troubles.

The idea behind Mark is that real people matter more to him than the fame and glory of the celebrity scene. 

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