Friday, 17 January 2014

Explaining Chronicles Part 1

            I decided to write a series of articles on my award winning book “Chronicles of Mark Johnson” explaining the formulating of my ideas and thoughts on the subject matter, I apologise to anybody who has read the background before but there will be new insights revealed.
            I can understand why Chronicles never took a hold, the book demands the reader to believe in a world which they have no proof exists and therefore cannot imagine. I fully understand as I have the same problems with the zombie genre of films and books – not with real zombies – I believe in the real zombies.

            This concept is often quoted by many writers, “You write better about what you believe in,” and in the case of my book it is true. I have had no personal experience of spiritual occurrences but I have had experiences which I have yet to find a logical reason for.

            Do I believe in the spirit world of which I write? Definitely, without going into a Religion Vs Science debate, putting the situation in layman’s terms I believe when we pass across the veil of death our spirit remains, as water turns to steam our spirit remains.

            Do I believe we can contact the spirit world? Yes, I do. Spirits are energy waves and certain people with open minds can tune into the world of spirits, much the same as a radio receiver can tune to a radio signal. A reason many people cannot tune in is that they are either afraid to open their minds or they don’t want to believe in the other realm.

            At this point, I must point out I do believe in evil and will never (!) use an Ouija board, it has nothing to do with the Robin Williams film “Jumanji,” it is because when my late father was in India during WW2, he and some friends used a board for fun and from what I heard of the tales of terror which followed it was closer to a 1970’s Karen Black trilogy episode where a doll gets taken over by an evil spirit. You need to remember for there to be good spirits there has to be bad spirits too.

            I have had two out of body experiences and firmly believe in the realm of spirits, only a few days ago I had an eye-opening encounter with death. After a series of bad nights caused by my ill-health, I was so tired I went into such a deep sleep that at one point I found myself not breathing in my dream world, this incident caused me to wake and find I wasn’t breathing in the real world either.

            One of the main ideas in Chronicles is the acceptance that the world of spirit entities does exist, these entities do not have to have form as they are energy rather than mass, much like the mist on the moors at day break, we can see it is there and yet cannot touch it.  Believing does not involving touch, we all see the effects of wind and accept it is there even if we cannot see the wind, so, the belief in the world of spirits crosses the divide between Science and Religion, or are they compatible? 

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