Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dreams of a travelling writer 3 - Plamondon, Alberta, Canada

In this series there are stories of places I have been to and wished I hadn't, and one such place is Plamondon, Alberta. 

The history of the village goes back to about 1908 when Joseph Plamondon decided to move from the Catholic church in Ontario and set up the hamlet. On the outskirts of the settlement is an unorthodox Russian sect of Catholics who split from the church as early as 1666 after disagreements over how the Bible should be read and understood.

 To give you some idea of the village- It is set in the gap between two hills and the only road through is dominated on one side by the church and on the other by the school. Faye and I passed through the village on our travels to Bear Lake one day and I have never felt more scared at being in a place, that includes the time in Dortmund, when alone, hungry and tired I took refuge with a strange German man.

 The most fitting description is the village looks like a 1970s Hammer horror setting for Dracula come to life. Believe me, the memory is enough to  make me never (!) wish to return.

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