Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dreams of a travelling writer 2 - Chicago

CHICAGO aka "The Windy City"

 For some undefinable reason I have always wanted to visit Chicago. Unlike Seattle, it has nothing to do with a sports interest as while I admired Mike Ditka's work at the Bears, I have never been a Bears fan nor have I been a fan of either the Cubs or White Sox. 

Perhaps it is the feeling for the old time gangsters which drew me to like Chicago, the speak easies and the dames and guys with guns, perhaps it was because the city had a great musical history of Jazz in the 20's, who can tell? All I know is it has nothing to do with sports. 

Chicago isn't one of the main tourist spots, being on the lake shore it is cold and windy in the winter and prone to the icy winds ripping down form the Canadian plains. The city is notorious for it's fogs and one such played a big part in an NFL game. 

In the 1988 play off game the Bears played the Eagles in what became known as "The Fog Bowl," during the second quarter a fog rolled over Soldier Field and cut visibility down to a 20 yard maximum, despite players complaining they couldn't see the end zone, first down markers or end zone the game continued -- the Eagles never got in the end zone -- and the bears ran out 20-12 winners, the Bears were beaten 28-3 in the Championship game by eventual Superbowl winners the 49ers in the next game.

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