Thursday, 2 January 2014

Doesn't it drive ya mad?

 In 2005 the film "Sin City" became one of the hits of the year -- the film is still one of my favourites and I never fail to enjoy the dark, brooding atmosphere created in the shots -- within a year it was rumoured there would be a sequel and I thought, "WOW, I'll have to get it!"

Then the wheels came off the truck as it hit the curve; Angela Jolie was cast opposite Jessica Alba and as Tomb Raider was a hit at the time Ms Jolie started playing Prima Donna. First, she would do the film, then she would only if Ms Alba was cut from the cast and finally she opted out and held the whole process up, while directors tried to coax her back before giving up. This went on for about four years and I ended up calling the film "Babe Wars."

There was no way Jessica was going to not be in the sequel -- her role as Nancy is pivotal to the plot -- years passed and my interest went from "bring it on" to "whenever" as time passed and I lost hope in the sequel and its filming.

 I checked on line from time to time, on the off chance I missed its release, but nothing happened until June 2013, when I found it was due out on Oct 14th -- days before my birthday, what a present -- I put the note on Amazon to be notified when it was released and waited. About a week ago I remembered I had not been notified and went on line to check for information and guess what? Yes, yet again it has been put back to August 2014, if you believe it.

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