Monday, 13 January 2014

Corridor of desire

This is the opening to a new sexy story, the basis of the idea is founded on an incident which happened to me when I was at school. 

Over the years I have wondered what might have happened on the day in question? And what were the motives of the girls who cornered me in the corridor? 

This is a sexual fantasy story based on a true life incident.

I was sitting on the bed writing a story, when the phone rang and without a thought I picked it up, "Hello, can I help you?" I enquired expecting teleslaes blab for a reply; I had no idea what was coming.

Like a blast from my past, a silky smooth voice replied, "Hi, Alan, you are really hard to find for a writer of erotica."

Taken aback at the suggestion that the unknown caller knew my name, I replied, "Do I know you?"

As I waited for the reply, I could hear giggles from the other end and ladies trying to refrain from laughing at the torment.

The silence grew, and finally I got my answer, "We were at school together; surely you haven't forgotten about the incident in the passage between the woodwork class and the rural science lab at Swiss Valley?"

My mind quickly focussed on the image of young boy trapped in the passage by four girls, "Forgot, no, over the years my mind has mulled the possibles for the event. Why did you do it? Why me? What would I have done differently? But, there was no way of finding out."

 "Until now," the caller replied,"if you're wondering who this is, I'm Caroline and my friends from that day want me to tell you, we'll be back in contact soon."

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