Saturday, 18 January 2014

Clive Owen as Mark Johnson

 Long before Clive Owen was a star I admired his work in a police series called "Second Sight,"  the series was set in North London, one of the give away hints about the location was he and his son would watch Charlton Athletic play. 
The series centred around a police officer in a serious crime unit, who was hiding from his superiors the fact he was losing his sight and had to rely on other officers for assistance in solving cases.

Another film he made before becoming a big star was "I'll sleep when I dead,"'ll_Sleep_When_I'm_Dead_(film) in which he played an ex-gangster who is trying to forget his past, but is brought back to the violent life he once led when his younger brother is murdered in London. The film is very much like Mike Hodge's de'but "Get Carter" which featured Michael Caine as the gangster returning to Newcastle to avenge a killing . Among the cast of "I'll sleep" is another of my favourite TV cops, Ken Stott AKA John Rebus .

      I am looking forward to seeing Mr. Owen's portrayal of the author Ernest Hemingway opposite Nicole Kidman as Martha Gellhorn -- the third wife -- who never allowed herself to be called Mrs. Hemingway or have his name mentioned in any interviews she held. Ms. Gellhorn covered all many of the major incidents in world history from the great depression to Vietnam and I wonder what she would have made of Obama letting Detroit fall to pieces. I have a friend and fellow author who moved from Detroit to Texas, she is worth looking up if you read erotica . 

         As a final note, Mr. Owen would have been my choice for Mark Johnson in my award winning book"Chronicles of Mark Johnson."

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