Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Barnes and Noble

One of the items posted on my friend's page mentioned whether a writer should enter an Amazon contest?

Obviously the old B&N Vs Amazon issue arose as B&N won't put on site anything on sale at Amazon.

I checked B&N for the chance of sales a few years ago and came to the conclusion -- they were no loss -- most of the shops are in Universities or Colleges and they don't like UK authors, so, there was nothing lost.

Another aspect which didn't impress me was the amount of shops they have. They say they had over 500 shops  in the USA, which sounds good until you work out the maths. That comes to ten per state and with most states being more than seven or eight times the size of the UK this is not a good market when you  consider Waterstone's in the UK have over 300 stores in England.

One more thing which deterred me was that with their shops being in higher education facilities, I thought there would be no room for ghost stories.

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