Thursday, 2 January 2014

A ghostly return

  In August 2013 I released this revised version of my original ghost story "The Ghost of St. Mary's," I wrote two years earlier when my tendon tore and had been asked for both this story and the one after following it "The Rocking Lantern" to be published in a US anthology. However, when I enquired about getting copies for myself and friends in the UK, Alan Schneider at Indie Book Lounge stopped communicating with me. 

 This action lead me to believe he had published the stories under his name as I had checked his books on Amazon and found most reviews were very damning about his writing. After a year I tracked down the book and ordered some copies; I was correct in that none of authors get credit for their work and any profits go to IBL
This was the second time in a matter of months something of this nature had happened and left a very bad taste with me. The previous story was "Nerja," I was in contact with a Native American author called Don Ford and he asked for a copy of the story, as soon as he got my story, he stopped contact too.


 Today, "Ghost of St.Mary's" had its first UK sale since last mid-October and achieved a new high rating on Amazon UK :)

 This is the start of the year I wished for -- but never thought you come -- I realise two sales in two days is nothing, but when most months and even some quarters last year I didn't sell this many e-books, I'm taking it as a good sign.
As a final good notice -- the sales since Christmas have come to four -- which is the biggest week since Sept of last year, which surprisingly featured a double sale for Holding Richmond and the months sales of 7 e-books equalled my best month of June 2012 and yes, that was the big months for Holding Richmond too with all the sales for the month. June 2012 is still the best month and the best sales for any book.

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