Monday, 23 December 2013

What Faye wanted most of all

  My lovely friend Faye, who passed away Dec 5th, 2009, only had one wish left and that was for us to spend a Christmas together. This was a wish I was never able to fulfil for my love, as she passed away before we had the chance to do it.

  The closest we came was the year before, when my friend Sarah Meek asked if I would cat sit for her, as she was going to spend Christmas with her boyfriend's family in Stoke-on-Trent, this was a pleasure as it meant I could be at peace and not have to worry about my step-son having a row and spoiling things for the family. 

 The trip was longer than usual as I missed the connection at Bristol-owing to the train being full for the break-and I had to wait forty minutes for the next train; this meant I missed the connection from Birmingham to Ely and had to wait at Ely for the train to King's Lynn.
 In the Summer, the wait is a delight as the birds are happy and chirping and the cathedral can be seen from station standing proudly showing the world its majesty, but now was different, here in late December the station looked more something out of a Hammer horror film with nobody about and the platforms open to the icy winds.

 I caught the train and arrived over an hour later than planned. I had been on the move since about 10:00 am and it was now 7:00 pm, I was cold, tired and hungry and all I wanted was to sit down and get warm. However, her bf had other ideas, he wanted me to go on line to Faye despite being told that she wasn't expecting me that night as I would be tired. 

 From this point it became hell on Earth for the following day as I was subjected to constant verbal abuse, had Sarah not been a close friend for years, I would have decked the guy as he was not only abusive but in a state of being permanently drunk-over the next year this was regular for him. 

 Anyway, on Christmas Eve afternoon they left and I was alone and at peace-thankfully-with Sarah's cats. 

 That Christmas was as close as we came to fulfilling her wish as we chatted for most of the time from late Christmas Eve until mid-afternoon on the 27th, when they returned ahead of time. It still upsets me that I was never able to give my love a simple wish, which most people take for granted. 
 The well known photo above was taken at Lac La Biche, Alberta on our last night together and the one below was the following day as we departed our home.

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