Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Top of the my shopping list for the New Year is a sense of urgency to write and a sense of worth.

I always ask myself am I doing the right thing? Sales rarely come and the last quarter of the year ended with a minus score-how can that happen, you say? With Amazon's policy of returns I sold three books in October but has two returns giving me a monthly and quarterly figure of -1.

For all the hours I spent writing and for all the stories I put on Amazon over the year, I barely made $1.50 a month and that was only possible by Amazon changing their payment policy to paying every two months rather than at a total I wouldn't have reached selling at $0.30c an e-book.

 For all the supporters I am supposed to have in the US, nothing other than a good blog read has ever shown; you have no idea how demoralising it is to read about people selling hundreds of books and to think, "All I want is one month with ten sales."

The course Julia enrolled me on went very well and I learned a lot from it; I was very surprised to find from the half way stage, I was leading as most of the people on the course were either selling authors with sales for many years or people with qualifications, all I had was a good imagination.

Julia, my editor, thinks I have come a long way in a short time with my writing -- as she is a Harvard graduate, her opinion means a lot to me -- but the bottom line still reads the same, no matter how well I do, I still get the impression nobody cares about my writing and it isn't only because I am outspoken against the ways of the readers, or because I don't push my books at you all the time.

I did promote Chronicles hard for several months, but the total lack of gratitude shown for several months work caused me to think -- why bother? --And as such I stopped promoting my books.

Perhaps Chris Cringle can bring me some hope tonight.

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